Its Not The Economies Fault, You Just Cant Sell Homes. (Why Most Realtors Fail)

Its Not The Economies Fault, You Just Cant Sell Homes. (Why Most Realtors Fail)

We have all blamed the economy at one time or another; In this case you are probably sitting back, disappointed, looking at another missed sales goal or quota and thinking “This is insane! Why would anyone jump into being a full time entrepreneur?!” 

Real estate by no means is an easy career path to choose, but a successful business is not built by following the easy path. We believe agents are a jack of all trades. Proficiency in sales and marketing is a must and lacking just a little in any of these areas will cause you to fall behind in this tough economy.

In a bad economy people hold the misconception that every realtor is suffering, at Distinctive Marketing Solutions we strongly disagree. In a downturn economy, people are continuing to buy real estate and the numbers are here to support it. 

While Calgary’s real estate market continues to prove itself an unappealing market, Distinctive MS can redirect and expose buyers who are ready and interested to purchase. If this is something that entices your business, keep reading to see how you can generate quality leads as a realtor!

Our Sources

Our core philosophy at DistinctiveMS is to provide value to help business owners in order to build trust and a future relationship.

This article will be a breakdown of Calgary’s real estate market.

All the information in this blog will come directly from Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner which is a trustable and unbiased website. Both of these tools are free for you to use at your leisure as well.

To learn more about these useful tools you can visit this link to find out what Google trends does and click here to find out what the keyword planner tool is.

Have Real Estate Transactions Slowed?

Everyone needs somewhere to live right? While transactions may have slowed according to this article from Calgary herald that doesn’t mean that you can’t be selling homes in this market. According to Calgary Herald, real estate transactions have slowed, it does not mean that selling homes in this market is unprofitable. While this can sound contradictory, and perhaps you are doubtful, let us take a closer look into the numbers

People always need a place to live and someone has to own the property in order for this to take place, whether its them or their land lord. If the economy slows people will slash their budgets and stop spending on luxuries before they decide to stop saving for their dream home. 

A quick look at Google trends will show us that the query “homes for sale” in Alberta on a 5 year chart has actually been trending sideways and has not been regressing, contrary to the regular belief. 

“Homes for sale” interest over 5 years in Alberta

Based on the search volume going sideways and not trending downwards it goes to show that interest in purchasing homes has not decreased but instead has maintained search volume over the past 5 years.

“But we have been in a down turn for longer than 5 years” that’s probably what you’re thinking and that’s why we’ve come prepared to show you how the home buyers interest compares to previous years in Calgary.

“Homes for sale” interest over 12 years in Alberta

The image is a google trends chart for the same term “homes for sale” but instead of a 5 year chart it is a 12 year chart. On the chart you can see there was huge uptrend momentum to search interest from 2011 to 2014 where a new standard was set in terms of search interest. Since that boom we have been trending sideways on the search interest indicating that there is not a lack of interest, further more proving that the buyers are still there but you just have to look in the right place.

If that’s all the convincing you need you can move forward to the next point “why are some agents selling more than you” but if you want more proof that the market is interested and ready to go check out what Google keyword planner has to say.

In the screenshot below you will see that for the term “houses for sale” in Alberta has roughly 5400 searches per month, that in itself is staggering but if you combine the searches of all the similar real estate searches it becomes nearly 200,000 searches per month!

Keyword planner real estate search results

Yeah, that’s 200,000 potential leads for you! But somehow you’ve been convinced that this economy is holding you back…

So what separates you from the top selling agent at your brokerage?

Why Are Some Agents Selling More Than You?

Top selling real estate agents above anything are available to their clientele. Think about the last time you wanted something, you wanted it right away didn’t you?

In this modern day and age everybody wants their problems solved as soon as possible, lets give an example of online searching.

Whether it was pizza or some clothing you probably did a google search, looked around for a minute selected a website and if it had what you needed you placed an order or filled out a form.

If the website didn’t fulfill your needs within a few seconds your probably went right back to the search results and continued searching. 

Having a real estate website that is well optimized for both mobile and desktop searches will help you avoid this and having the entire MLS integrated into your site will allow you to retain more viewers and collect more leads.

We previously had a meeting with a realtor in which the realtor said “I have had my website plastered over my car for years but still I’ve never gotten one form submission or a lead. Why should I get a new website with the all the MLS listings on it?”

The answer to his question is very simple. If your website provides no value for searchers then Google will not rank you as high on these search results so you won’t have access to the potential 200,000 leads every single month. His old website was simply him, a description about what he does (real estate) and a contact form. Now we are positive on our position that an optimized website can bring in leads, don’t you agree that if he had the MLS on his site for viewers to search or a home evaluation form to fill out he would have gotten more submissions? 

Asides from availability and relevance, top performing realtors can sell, make deals happen and remain professional throughout the entire process. Nothing takes away from a clients experience more than a salesperson who forgets the clients name or the item that they are interested in.

If you do manage to even get a small 1% piece of the amazing 200,000 lead pie most realtors will get overwhelmed with leads and you can slip up when it comes to management of these clients and leads. Be sure to have a good CRM, followup schedule and focus on the interests of your client. Our real estate websites provide an initial contact CRM, this allows you to see exactly what pages of your website the lead went on so you can show them exactly what they want without them telling you!

What Can You Do To Become A Top Performing Realtor

DistinctiveMS’s solution is quite simple, the formula we use for our marketing clients in order to get more sales is to provide value, collect the lead, and follow up.

If you provide enough value on your site, google will rank your website organically and make it accessible to these 200,000 searches. If not, you can always use PPC advertising to promote your website to potential leads in the search results. 

Without a good home base (aka your website), your leads have nowhere to go when they need information. If your leads are in search of something and your website cannot provide that, they are moving on to sites that can help them and they will not think twice about coming back to you or your website should it have nothing for them

A great example of a top performing realtor is Justin Havre, we give him huge recognition because he was not afraid to go all in on marketing. You can drive anywhere in the city and see his face, open up google and see his face and we are sure your probably dreaming about him at this point too haha.

Justin is early on a trend and is taking advantage of it because many realtors are missing out because they believe now isn’t the right time. 

Ps. Here is a picture of Justin Havre If you haven’t already seen him!

Justin Havre Real estate agent on a bill board

*We have no affiliation or connection with Justin Havre, his success in the real estate market can be contributed to by many factors but we would like to commend him on his marketing*

We have already shown you there is tons of interest in the housing market, it can be very simple to start collecting these leads and the cost is at an all time low. If you are looking to revamp your website or just want to learn some more growth strategies for realtors get in touch with us today. Our consultants would be more than happy to sit down with you and present an audit on your branding, website and other platforms. Contact us by clicking here



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