30 Digital Marketing Tips For Any Business, Calgary Social Media Agency Hacks.

30 Digital Marketing Tips For Any Business, Calgary Social Media Agency Hacks.

1. Claim Your Google My Business

Google my business is probably the best most powerful free tool out there. Google is built around providing an excellent user experience so when a business comes up first on google my business in the search engine results pages it instantly gains credibility from the searcher. Creating a google my business listing can only take a few minutes and can be done by visiting this website, make sure you fill in all the information you can and add images of the people in your company! (adding just a logo isn’t enough, website browsers cannot develop a relationship with a logo. Add pictures of real people).

Coming up first in Google my business is based on several things including SEO which we will cover in further points in this blog, for now just get your free listing up. Here is an example of a google my business listing and how it looks.

"An image of a google search result showcasing a google my business listing"

Drip Detailing google my business listing

2. Use Posts In Google My Business

Take advantage of post in google my business to frequently update your searchers on some new aspects of your business. Posting relevant information will help your audience feel that you are a business who cares about providing value to your customers and will allow them to feel comfortable dealing with you.

3. Answer And Ask Questions In Google My Business

Customers who are looking for companies that do what you do will probably have some questions and concerns before they choose a company to deal with. Keep onto of your business listing to answer any questions your browsers may ask and answer them promptly to help your business gain trust almost immediately.

4. Reviews Are Powerful, Take Advantage Of Them

If you list on google my business you may gain a few customers here and there and that’s great because they are essentially free customers. But what if we told you having reviews could improve this ten times over. Getting your happy customers to post reviews can help you rank higher and will help you build credibility in users eyes. You can boost your Google my business by running review contests or simply asking customers for unbiased reviews.

5. Run A Google Adwords Express Campaign

Generally we are against adwords express campaigns if you are looking to make some quick money, most of our clients set them up incorrectly which leads to low CTR (Click through rates) and low conversions. We use Google Adwords campaigns instead as tools to gather some valuable market insight on who your clients really are and what they are searching for. Before beginning a full blown SEO strategy or ad campaign utilizing a adwords express campaign can help provide extremely valuable analytics.

6. Create A Website

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson and can bring you clients you’ve never even met before. Having even a basic one page website will help put you far ahead of the curve of most businesses but this still isn’t enough to generate you a sales machine like we do for our clients. If you’re looking to set up a quick one page website be sure to add a brief description, your services and have valid contact information on the website. 

Developing a quality website is not as easy as it looks so if you are looking for a Calgary website design company we have you covered, we love helping any company with their digital marketing needs to shoot us a text.

7. Mobile Friendly Websites Are A Must

Now huge issue we have found with many Calgary website design companies is that they don’t develop mobile websites for their clients. Developing a mobile website is huge because nearly 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices and this stat is only going to continue to grow. Don’t miss out on the endless opportunity for your business by not having a mobile website.

8. Make Sure Your Website Is Secure

You may have encountered a website in the past where you were unable to visit it because the website browser was saying it wasn’t safe to visit, generally the website is fine but you will be blocked because it is missing a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate simply shows google that your website can be trusted and will not steal any visitor information, in the past these certificated were easier to get but Google has revamped the certifications and many websites do not have them now.

Don’t scare your visitors away and make sure your website is secure to visit. You can check if a website is secure by looking in the search bar at the URL and it should have a closed lock next to it.

9. Optimize Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are Googles way of providing your website with a brief description of a certain page when it appears on the search engine results pages. Optimizing your websites meta descriptions to be keyword focused can significantly help your websites SEO and appear relevant to google searchers. This process is generally very simple and varies depending on what software your website was developed in, ask your website developer to complete this for you when the website is being developed to save time, money and future headaches.

10. Optimize The Websites Title and Headings

The title tags and heading tags on your website are used to give viewers a one sentence description of what the topic of your webpage or blog is about. If you conduct thorough keyword research you should be sure to add your target keywords in these tags but don’t be spammy, having good title tags can improve your websites search engine optimization and help you rank higher. Title and heading tags may be referred to as H1 and T1 tags as well.

11. Give Each Page A Keyword Focus

Each page on your website should be there for a different reason, because each of these pages should have a different focus they should also target different keywords. Our Calgary Website Design team is sure to explain this to our clients and walk them through the process of developing a well flowing website with different focuses. You can target these keywords by developing content around them, ensure everything ties together and you are not using spammy tactics.

12. Use Enough CTA’s In Your Website 

The number one rule of sales is that if you never ask you’ll never close the sale, the same hold true for your website. Selling in person is much easier than selling online so in order to sell online you must have a few CTA’s (Call to actions) on each page of your website. Adding enticing offers that cant be turned away is an excellent way in order to drive actions, sign ups and submissions.

13. Collect Emails On Your Website From Engaging Offers

As we mentioned previously selling online is extremely difficult and that is why there are digital marketing experts who can charge an arm and a leg to lend you a hand. One very good tactic all digital marketers use is to offer your viewers something of high value in order for an email sign up or form submission. It may be challenging in the beginning to give something of value away in order to get a lead but if you have a solid digital marketing plan then this can pay off many times over. 

14. Add Live Chat To Your Website

The world is full of people who want instant gratification and this can be challenging to do, but on your website this can be done in a breeze. You can follow web design strategies to make your website easy to use, implementing a live chat on your website is one amazing step to allow your users to contact someone right away and satisfy their instant gratification need.

15. List Your Website In Local Niche Directories

Listing in local niche directories shouldn’t be done for the sole purpose of generating links for SEO because this is frowned upon by Google, Instead it should be done to generate traffic and exposure. Look for directories that are harder to get into and have a verification process as they are generally higher quality, be aware that you should NEVER pay for entry into a directory for a link as this can get your website flagged from Google. Focus on finding the best directories to get exposure from, if it costs money or looks like a spammy website you should probably stay away.

16. Post Regular Blogs For Steady SEO Growth

Posting regular content is essential if you are looking to gain website traffic through SEO, rank higher in the search engine results pages and rank for more keywords. Before writing any content be sure to perform solid keyword research to identify your target market and see which keywords actually have traffic that will convert. Pushing short content that has no value will not get you far, this is because Google is getting smarter day by day and can recognize the quality of your content. Get your team to group around and perform keyword research to find good topics to write on, Once the topics have been chosen be sure to create a content schedule for when you will release content. Steadily posting content that is a minimum of 1000 words is a essential to see consistent growth in website traffic, we have done a this for our clients and there new websites have gotten nearly 20 thousand impressions in 30 days! 

17. Use Images And Video Content In All Posts

Create your own video and picture content to put on your blogs, this will help google recognize you’re blogs as providing more value as you are adding more into your content. You should also try and create your own content because if done using our strategies you can get backlinks from your content!

18. Localize Your Content

Writing steady content that has a good amount of characters is essential for a SEO growth strategy but focusing on your location can help you expand even more. We have found that when our clients want to rank locally for their products and services doing keyword research for local searches can help us rank much faster. Instead of saying “best vegan food” try writing “best Calgary vegan food” to help your blog gain traction in your local area. This is just one of the few things that can really help you rank higher for SEO on a local level

19. Reach Out And Develop Relationships With Co-existing Non-competing Businesses For Links

Developing links is getting harder and harder day by day, every day we see more businesses fall into the trap of getting easy links in the hopes that they will help their website rank higher organically. This may seem like a good idea but these links generally provide little to no value due to their shady nature and may actually fetch you a penalty from Google. 

A great strategy to build links it to find businesses that co-exist side by side with your business but are non-competing, for our example if you sell vegan food in your restaurant it can be helpful to work alongside the vegan grocery stores in town because you guys are in the same market but are not competing for the same target market. One market is people who are looking to have their food prepared and have a good time while the other market is people looking to cook their own food, both these groups share the same interest but these markets do not compete directly with one another.

Your internal business team can reach out to create a partner ship with this non competitive business and make it public on social media, your websites and even decide to do a few guest blogs to ethically gain some powerful backlinks.

20. Create Every Social Media, Yes, Every Single One

Social media is a great free tool to help your business grow and expand in the long run, these tools provide valuable insights and allow you to reach more people than nearly any other Markeitng medium. 

You may not know where your target market is looking for you, perhaps its instagram or perhaps its twitter, we always tell all our clients to have all their social media accounts made and simply have them link back to each other. You don’t need to go all in on building your brand on all these resources but simply having a page up that links to the one or two of the social media accounts your active on can help redirect traffic that you would not have had if you hadn’t created all your social media pages. 

PS. Creating all your social medias and linking them to your site and form your site back to the pages can help you and your SEO efforts. 

21. Use Analytics For Your Website And Social Media

Once you start to gain some traction on your website and blog you must begin to take a look at who your audience is and who you are marketing too. If you were running a vegan grocery store and your target audience was 22 year old females you probably wouldn’t make want content that says “Best vegan food to boost muscle gain, look like Arnold Schwarzenegger this summer!” Instead you would want to say something like “Best vegan recipes to help drop those pounds while enjoying your meals”.  

You can add Google Analytics and Google Search console onto your website to help you see really deep into your websites performance and most social platforms will allow you too see all these analytics as soon as you sign up for a business account. Down miss out on tracking your analytics because this can really help you figure out who your real clients are and how to market for them.

22. Create Your Brand Story

Gone are the days where people will buy from inanimate advertisements, it’s the 21st century and people want to buy from companies who they feel connected too. Companies that can build relationship or that put out advertisements with people in them tend to do much better than companies with boring inanimate advertisements. 

Think of the reason why you got into your business and put that out there on your social media and website. Perhaps you opened a vegan restaurant because after following the traditional American diet you ended up with cancer, going vegan was challenging but you found the best ways to enjoy it and now your cancer free. Creating a brand story allows you to reach your market and allow them to connect to you, it can feel weird to do this but trust us that this is immensely powerful, it is very important to be honest when you are making your brand story.

23. Remember To Weave Your Brand Story Into Your Business

Your brand story should be something your entire company believes in, it should be weaved into all your social medias and your website. People want to feel apart of a movement and if you can make your business something people can believe in, it will grow exponentially. Take a look at all the new companies that are growing, they help people believe in what they are doing and join the team, an excellent example for this is 1st Phorm Supplements.

24. Use Round Up Posts For Exposure

Round ups are a term used for websites that will create a blog for the top 10, 20 or 30 blogs in the industry to help showcase them and make them easier for their audience to locate them. These roundups are an excellent way to gain exposure for your website and social media while also providing a solid backlink. They can be hard to get into but in the end the reward will pay itself off. 

25. Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Have you ever visited a social media page and just been let down by the quality of content or posting schedule. It isn’t hard to stand apart on social media any more because many companies opt in to using cookie cutter posts which only helps them assimilate into the other 30 brands doing the same thing as them. 

If you want your company to succeed and stand apart on social media use your brand story and find a different angle to create and post content, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be related to what you sell! If you are a vegan grocer why not be an informative social media and share articles and blogs relevant to the industry, post funny vegan memes and engage with your audience to find what they want to see. Its definitely not easy to build a great brand but it will pay off significantly.

26. Use A Social Media Calendar Carefully

Social media calendars can make or break brands, we have seen too many companies find a good social media calendar and pre plan posts for an entire year and let their brand burn. Many companies will believe they hit a home run social media idea and make a years worth of content before testing it out, test the content then use a calendar for a month at a time. You cant guarantee your content will work year after year so you always have to be changing up and trying new things. Our tip is to only use a social media calendar for proven content.

27. Social Media Need To Be Engaging

Nobody just wants to see a picture of some food you cooked at your restaurant or some broccoli on sale at your store. Instead post some informative engaging posts that your audience will feel compelled to share and interact with.

28. Recycle Your Content Across Platforms

Recycling content means using your content across several platforms so you do not need to create an individual piece for every social media. This should be sued very carefully because you do not want to become a receptive brand.

 A great way to recycle content could be to make a YouTube video covering “Best vegan pizza recipe, Vegan cooking guide”, write an informative blog with some images and a link back to the video on how to cook the pizza, and then finally finish of by creating social media posts linking back to the blogs or youtube video.

29. Are you using live video?

Live video is gaining more traction day by day, if your business has a good sized following hosting live videos weekly can be a great way to engage with your audience. These live videos can be used to allow your audience to ask you questions about your business, to unveil a new product or just to actively engage with your followers.  

30. Have your name phone number and email on all websites and social medias.

If you follow all 30 of these steps we are confident that your social media, website and SEO will all do great in the online world. We have often come across and seen businesses missing links to their social medias and contact information so followers cannot reach out to them, make sure you add your information across your website and make it easily accessible. 



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