5 Effective Ways to Keep Your B2B Website From Crashing

5 Effective Ways to Keep Your B2B Website From Crashing

Most B2B online marketing campaigns require a well-established web presence to connect with as many leads as possible. While a website is a feasible solution, it may do more harm than good if it’s crashing one too many times.

Resolving crashes can take time, and in those precious times, your operations won’t be able to interact with leads, maintain customer support, and many other essential functions.

For example, your email campaigns might be reeling prospects to your website landing page, only to present them with a blank page or an error message. This can build mistrust in your company, and your audiences are more likely to take their business elsewhere. Situations like these can have a significant financial and professional impact on your business credibility.

Consider the following suggestions to maximize your website’s uptime and avoid undesirable crashes:

1. Select a Reliable Host

Hosting is necessary. If your hosting goes down, so does your B2B website. You must select a decent website host since you get what you pay for. A low-cost host may appear to be a fantastic method to save money, but if you lose leads and give consumers a terrible opinion of your business, the cost savings aren’t worth it.

While uptime isn’t the only item to consider, it’s crucial. Even if a server guarantees 99 percent uptime, that still amounts to 6-7 hours of downtime every month.

2. Automate Website Updates

You’re probably juggling many tasks to keep B2B web operations efficient and reliable. For example, because you are working with industry specialists rather than regular customers, client relationship management and intricate funnel marketing need a significant amount of time and effort.

Although you may have a website to assist you, upgrades are required to maintain cybersecurity. This is where automated solutions, such as plugins, come in handy, particularly for B2B WordPress-powered sites.

3. Limit Admin Access

Only one or two persons, ideally those with more experience, should have admin (full) access to your B2B website. The other people maintaining your B2B website may only require access to one or two sections. For example, your HR manager is unlikely to need to do anything other than update job opportunities (or maybe add new people to the team page). In the circumstances like these, ask your B2B web design and marketing agency whether they can establish unique user roles.

If you can minimize the number of people who can crash your site, you will dramatically lower the risk of the site going down due to human error.

4. Position Your Website for Greater Traffic

Check that your platform has the necessary resources to manage your traffic. Many B2B website failures can be attributed to their inability to handle peak website traffic caused by high-season sales or highly effective marketing efforts. It’s a good idea to keep in touch with your CDN service and any cloud partners to ensure they don’t have any plans that might disrupt your site during your busy season.

5. Do Malware Scans Regularly

You should check for malware frequently as part of your routine security practices. Suffering any Malware attacks can drain your site’s resources, causing it to slow to a crawl. Furthermore, Malware steals client data or replicates itself throughout your customer’s resources.


Having an excellent B2B website may connect you with acclaimed professionals and companies, but site crashes can have an impact. It may also mean passing over profitable opportunities to your competitors. 

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