3 Common Mistakes Newbie Web Designers Should Avoid in SEO

3 Common Mistakes Newbie Web Designers Should Avoid in SEO

Search engine optimization is the backbone of all websites online. It is a systematic process that ranks content based on a website’s authority, content, and use of keywords along with impeccable user experience. For newbies wanting to put up a website online, the quickest way to excel in the digital space is to speak with an SEO company that can help with optimization.

However, learning the basics isn’t too difficult for people who want to take the long road. But it does take a while to master the craft of using keywords effectively as the algorithm on how search engines rank content changes frequently. The best way to start learning SEO is by recognizing the mistakes other people have made. What are the common mistakes newbies make in SEO, and how can they avoid them?

1. Using Ineffective Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for information in search engines. In a way, it’s the reason why people get to find the content they need. In SEO, keywords are how search engines know where to link the content uploaded by websites to show them to online users.

However, the biggest problem newbies make is using ineffective keywords. Ineffective keywords are words or phrases that are not relevant to the content but often get mentioned in the article. They can also be keywords repeatedly used, even in the wrong instances, in the hopes of making the content rank online. The best thing to do is stick to adding keywords whenever they feel natural or needed. There is no need for people to overuse keywords as it can challenge the algorithm, making it more challenging to rank in the search results.

2. Terrible Navigation Scheme

Online users aren’t the most technologically advanced individuals as most people assume. Instead, most of them only use the internet as needed or when the scenario calls for it. Therefore, it’s safe to think that not all internet users know how to navigate most websites published today.

It’s crucial to design a website with a minimal design that wouldn’t confuse people who would be visiting. Web design isn’t something rushed but requires a lot of time to understand and adjust to user behaviour. However, perfecting it would help future users to navigate websites with ease easily.

3. Not Mobile Friendly

The world is shifting towards using mobile devices for everything—online transactions, productivity, and even internet browsing, and it’s more crucial now than ever to make websites adapt to users who are on their mobile devices while browsing.

Responsiveness is a common SEO mistake. Some websites fail to realize that more users browse with their phones than any other device available today. As a result, most users are looking for websites that change their browsing display according to the device they’re using at the time. The effects of users switching to other websites can affect the website’s lead generation and sales output in the long run.


There are other problems that web designers should look into. However, these three things are the most crucial as they affect user experience, user interface, and the overall satisfaction of the users while browsing a website. By focusing on these issues first, it will be easier to take note of the other concerns to make a website the best it can be.

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