Your Calgary SEO Company?

When a potential customer is looking for services, typically a google search is the first step in finding the right resource. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is responsible for making sure that your website or business is the first one they see. Did you know on average 38% of searchers click on the first organic search result!

If your a business in Calgary you can rest easy knowing that our Calgary SEO company will have your website ranking in no time.

We’re sure you’ve heard that SEO typically takes a long time. Our Calgary SEO services are here to ensure that your business delivers results in the shortest time period possible.

Our Calgary SEO services include bi-weekly updates in terms of rankings, traffic along with other metrics used to measure our SEO agency’s success with your business . This is to ensure you can see how your online presence is being boosted everyday. 

Want Your Website Audited?

    How Our Calgary SEO Experts Get Our Clients A 350% Increase In Website Traffic

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    Website and Keyword Audit

    Before our Calgary SEO specialists begin any work we begin by performing audits on your website, competitors and an in-depth keyword audit to further understand your industry. We believe in becoming extremely educated in our clients businesses and this is what sets our Calgary SEO apart from the other marketing agencies, with a deep understanding of your business we can target high intent keywords while optimizing your website toward its ideal demographic.

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    Implementing The Strategy

    A plan with no implementation means nothing, step two in our process is for our Calgary SEO expert to begin implementing our tried and proven search engine optimization techniques on your website. We are the best Calgary SEO company because we operate with 100% transparency, our SEO experts will show you a plan and continue to send you bi-weekly reports to keep you updated on your campaign. If you have any questions you can also reach out to our team at any time.

    Let’s Get Started
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    Rinse & Repeat

    We can confidently say that our Calgary SEO services provide results without a doubt, all of our clients that have stuck to our plans mapped out from our SEO expert have seen a minimum of a 350% increase of web traffic. Once your website ranks in the Google SERPs our SEO Agencies focus will then be to maintain your rankings while looking for new keywords because we dont just want out clients to win, we want them to dominate.

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    Distinctive Marketing Solutions will always take the time to get to know your business before we begin to perform any service for you. Our Calgary marketing company continually stands apart from other agencies because our strategy is mapped out with incredible detail, by getting to know your business our SEO strategy will be hyper focused for your target demographic.

    Our Strategy process for your website will include:

    • Competitor research
    • Keyword research
    • Keyword analysis
    • Identifying high intent keywords
    • Website audit
      • Website load time
      • Backlink structure
      • Interlinking structure
    • Blogging schedule

    Link building has been an essential part to SEO and still remains an incredibly important part to any SEO strategy. If you take a look into the top ranking websites in Google they will have many things in common and link building will always be on of those shared traits.

    Our Calgary SEO service will seek to provide meaningful content that will bring in links on its own but we will perform out reach to develop relationships iwth other authority websites in your industry, this will allow us to build symbiotic relationships to help push your website to the top of the SERPs.

    Having a website that is built for SEO can give you the biggest head start when it comes to ranking in Google but having a website that is not built with the correct structure it can be your biggest drawback. When building your website you have to think about how a search crawler will crawl it and how will your users interact with it to find what they came to look for.

    When our SEO experts help design or re-design your website we will be sure to build it so you can rank with ease. A great example of an optimized website VS a unoptimized wbesite would be like having a sharp axe to cut wood VS a dull axe.

    They key to any successful SEO strategy is to continue to optimize it, just like anything good in life you will need to maintain it or lose it.

    Your website will continually be optimized to keep up with google algorithm updates, market changes and UI/UX changes based off A/B testing.

    In order for our Calgary SEO agency to measure our success we will monitor your rankings from the moment you sign on to work with us, we strongly believe in setting measurable expectations for our team to perform and our team of Calgary SEO expert always crush their goals.

    Once our desired keyword rankings are achieved our team will reinvent your SEO strategy so we can grow our website into a SEO monster that will dominate your local SERPs

    Feedback will enable our marketing team to make UI/UX changes that can increase our conversions beyond your wildest imaginations. We are able to find these conversion hacks by monitoring users while they are on our websites, performing A/B tests and best of all using data from our past successful projects.

    Keyword research is something that our Calgary SEO Specialists will continue to do from the beginning to the very end of your campaign. Many Calgary marketing agencies will only perform one weak round of keyword research but our team understands that the market changes and this requires that your website changes in order to stay up to date and that is why we will always be updating the keywords for your SEO strategy.

    Content is king, having the right content that your target demographic is searching for will really help you succeed online.

    Our Calgary SEO Expert will identify what content to create through keyword research and will continue to update the content based on the needs of your users to drive meaningful traffic that will help grow your business.

    How Effective Is SEO?

    • 32% of clicks goto the 1st result
    • 24.7% of clicks goto the 2nd result
    • 18.6% of clicks goto the 3rd result

    The click through rates (CTRs) on the top 3 organic search results surpass CTRs for almost any other form of digital marketing so it makes sense to invest in SEO. SEO is commonly referred to as the the best ROI in digital marketing but that only holds true if you can find an effective Calgary SEO Expert to work on your website.

    If you dont believe us just take a look for yourself and google some high intent keywords for your business, the companies that generally pop up at the top are probably conglomerates or highly successful businesses, by no means is SEO the only tool to their success but it is definitely on of the more powerful tools.

    When users find your business in the top of the organic results the trust is already built and they are looking for a company to provide them a service, whats holding you back from being that company?

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    We are a full service marketing agency driven to help your business unlock its unlimited potential.



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