How to Rank Higher On Google In 2020

How to Rank Higher On Google In 2020

Rank Higher On Google In 2020 is definitely a challenge. In this post, We’ll show you how to get higher rankings in Google. So if you want to rank higher in Google Search Engine in 2020, you’ll definitely love these guidelines.

Improve Your On Page SEO

This is one of the fastest ways to improve your Google rankings overnight. You can optimize your page in about 5 minutes work. You can check a detailed guide on On Page SEO in our blog. 

Now the question is How do you optimize your site around your target keywords?

First, make sure to use your keyword at the beginning of your title tag. Google gives emphasis on terms that show up early in your title tag. And the fact is they put less emphasis on keywords that show up later on. So, this is a must for the beginning.

Second, make your content contains at least 1800 words. A study shows that the lengthy content you have, the more chance to get rankings and reader trust.

Of course, there are some situations where long-form content doesn’t make sense. An example of this an e-commerce category page. But if there a way to publish long content you should definitely publish long content.

Thirdly, Use your targeted keyword on the meta description and make sure your meta description gives a clear view of what your page about.

And Finally, add your keyword 2-3x on your page. This isn’t about keyword stuffing or anything like that. When you add relevant terms to your page, you tell Google that: “This page is about this search result”. And this will help to boost your rankings.

Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

LSI are words and phrases that are related to the topic of your page. They’re working as a great asset while working with SEO right now. These keywords confirm to Google about the actual content of your page. And covering an entire topic on a single page is a key for ranking on the first page of Google nowadays.

So, How do you find LSI keywords for your site?

We recommend checking out a free SEO tool called LSIGraph.

Monitor Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO is not an issue although, but it’s always a good practice to monitor your site’s technical issues.

Actually this doesn’t hurt your sites SEO too much. Specifically, here are three things you should keep the eye on:

The first thing we will recommend is to check that your site is 100% optimized for mobile devices. This probably isn’t an issue for you. But it never hurts to check for better SEO rankings.

Fortunately, checking your site’s mobile optimization is absolutely easy and costless.

All you need to do is use the URL of your website into the Mobile-Friendly Testing tool from Google. It is also recommended to look to see how quickly your site loads. A site’s average loading time is a Google ranking factor now.

In our experience, Page Speed isn’t a super-duper important ranking factor. But it does make a difference. Because if your visitors have to wait for a long time to see your pages, they will go from your site to another one and it will increase your bounce rate.

So run your site through site speed tools like google pagespeed, gtmetrix etc.

Next, Go to the Google Search Console and go to “Index” then “Coverage” in the sidebar.

If Google sees trouble indexing your site in any issues, they’ll let you know on the console bar Dashboard. Finally, if you use WordPress CMS, we recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin.

This plugin won’t magically improve your rankings but it can help make your WordPress site SEO-friendly out of the box.

Match Your Content to Search Intent

Search Intent is a popular term in the SEO World. Now Google pays attention to how people interact with your website. If people generally get what they’re looking for from your page, you can expect that you will get rankings to improve. If not, Google will drop your site down. The key in this is to make sure your page gives a searcher exactly what they’re looking for.

So If you want to improve your Google ranking, your page needs to be a GREAT fit for your readers.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Google doesn’t like to see people landing on a site and quickly return back to the search results. This is called Bounce rate. This is a clear sign to Google that people aren’t happy with the web page. And if users aren’t happy, Google won’t happy too. So the more your bounce rate will be, the more unfriendly and unfit your web page will be. So, lining up your content with Search Intent is a great way to improve your bounce rate. This will help a lot to rank higher on google. 

Most important thing is that you’re giving content to the searchers what they’re looking for. Why would they bounce and go to another site? Google algorithm takes it seriously and they think that your page is failed to give users expectations. And as a result, you will lose your rankings slowly.

There are some simple things you can do to improve your site’s bounce rate.

First, we recommend looking at your site’s “Above The Fold” section. This is the very first thing people see when they land on your site. And in our experience, people decide to bounce or not bounce largely on what they see here.

You can improve your ‘above the fold’ area is to push your content to the top.

Lastly, add visuals, videos, charts, screenshots, etc as much as possible on your page. This will help the users to read your content more reliably.

Create High-Quality Content

You may know that to rank in Google “you need to publish high-quality content”. Because there is nothing that can compete with Quality Content. Do You want to publish awesome stuff on your site? Pretty sure that the answer will be “Yeah of course”

But this is not easy. For that, you have to create an article from an experienced person who has lots of experience in high-quality article writing. You can hire a freelancer from Upwork and select a native writer to make your content.

Publish something that other people can share in their blog content as well as social media. We know that there’s no “perfect” word count for blog posts, but it is assumed that content with 3k+ words tends to do best when it comes to link building.

Publish Visual Content as much as possible. This can be Infographics, Maps, Charts, Flowcharts, Videos, etc. Visual content is helpful for getting links. It can be said with 100% Guarantee that Quality article is the engine that can rank higher on google. 

Build Backlinks to Your Site

No doubt that Publishing amazing content is great. But to get links for content, people need to see it. This backlink is a must to rank higher on google. 

Get Links Via Broken Links

This is also known as “Broken Link Building”. To use this strategy, first install the CheckMyLinks Chrome extension for your google chrome extension web store.
try a page that you find for a broken link.

If you will be able to find one, contact the person that runs that page (usually the author of the content or the website’s webmaster). A format can be followed for it.

Hi, Mr x,

I was reading your article and certainly, I found a broken link on your page: {Title}

It’s the link to [website]. It’s giving me a 404 error.

Also, I recently published a post on [topic]. It can be a nice replacement for the broken link.

Hope this will help your websites SEO and fix all the issues that are related to SEO.
Thanks a lot

Mr. Y

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very controversial topic nowadays. Many people think that this doesn’t help SEO anymore because Google thinks it as a Spam. But the certain truth is not something like this. This is nothing but a rumor. So if you don’t make guest posting your #1 link building strategy and use keyword-rich anchor text in your backlinks, you’re set.

Resource Pages

A Resource page is basically a landing page or category page consisting of links pointing to resource pages. This method is also good for the link building process.

Use Internal Linking

Do you want to increase your ranking? Then use internal linking. In other words, it means that Link from one page on your site to another page on your site. This helps the user to interlink the contents and browse the other content that is related to the current one.

Track and Monitor Your Results

After doing all this stuff, you should start to see your site rank higher on Google than before. But you may want to know if those rankings are doing any help for you?

That’s what this step is all about. In this step, We are going to show you how to track your results like a pro.

Google Analytics “Organic Traffic”

Rankings are great and all. But when it comes to measuring the results of SEO marketing, There is nothing who can beat organic traffic. In other words, traffic that comes directly from search engines not from directly typing your URL to the browser (Direct Traffic).

Google Search Console “Impressions” and “Clicks”

This data in the Search Console basically shows you the number of people saw your site and how many of those people clicked on your site.

Boost Your Click-Through-Rate(CTR)

It’s no hidden secret that Google uses click-through-rate in their algorithm and uses it to implement rankings.

In fact, several studies have found a correlation between “Expected CTR” and Google rankings. The higher your websites organic CTR will be, the higher the site will generally rank. Because a high click-through-rate tells Google about your page content.

Here are a few simple ways you can get more clicks:

  • Use Attracting Title Tag: This is a great way to increase the CTR. If you can deliver a title that is most attractive, people will surely click on that and try to see it.

  • Use Short, Descriptive URL: These are very good practice for SEO in general terms. But they also help Google searcher to see your page as a great fit for their search need. So try to use a short URL.

  • Rich Snippet: Rich Snippets really help your site stand out in the SERPs.

  • Compelling Meta Description: Your meta description is a way to brief a short idea about your page. So you can take an idea by seeing those sites which are on top ranks now.

So We hope you enjoyed our step-by-step guide to ranking higher in Google. Don’t forget to ask any questions if you have. Good day!



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