What to Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertising for SEO Prospecting

What to Know About Pay-Per-Click Advertising for SEO Prospecting

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may help a new digital brand break into a new market and quickly increase website traffic. However, it’s known to become prohibitively expensive as the cost-per-click (CPC) rises and click fraud increases. Today, even the most seasoned digital marketers struggle to earn from Google Ads.

Getting the most out of your PPC expenditure thus necessitates utilizing all of that PPC data to develop a more judicious SEO strategy. As such, this calls for more knowledge and expertise. 

Read on to learn more about using Google Ads pay-per-click advertising for SEO prospecting.

Understanding PPC Advertising and SEO Marketing

You must note that when you utilize PPC, you’re effectively “renting” short-term website traffic. Meanwhile, SEO proves to show its results over time.

Brands that rely significantly on sponsored search revenue risk having their entire business collapse in the event of a single disaster. Your traffic will stop flowing if you stop paying for search adverts. Paid search can surely improve traffic, but it can be difficult to sustain on a tight budget.

Organic SEO, as opposed to pay-per-click advertising, allows businesses to gain traffic without paying for it, and it works overtime. That is not to say you should completely shun Google Ads; nevertheless, placing all of your eggs in one basket can backfire. SEO results can take months to appear, depending on the competition and the rate at which you build site authority. 

Prior to investigating how PPC campaigns can help with SEO, we must first optimize our PPC efforts. The following are some tips for improving Google Ads campaigns:

1) Make Use of Iterative Reasoning

Your initial campaign is almost probably doomed to fail. Even if a campaign fails, it can provide valuable insight regarding your keyword targets, bid levels, ad formats, and other campaign components.

In your negative keyword list, increase the amount of irrelevant search phrases and clicks. If your adverts generate a lot of views but no clicks, try making them more relevant.

A PPC campaign should produce at least a few hundred clicks every month to calculate a statistically significant conversion rate. Three months of PPC spending allows for enough time for iteration and prospecting for SEO. Make minor changes, observe the outcomes, and tweak as needed.

2) Create Keyword Ad Clusters 

PPC managers prefer single-keyword ad groupings. This is because ads with the best language may effectively boost click-through rates and conversion rates. 

You must, therefore, note that SEO keywords with the best CTR and conversion rates will get the best results. On top of that, Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) can help you find suitable organic search terms. SKAGs aid in the discovery of the most efficient headlines and descriptions for SEO-driven websites by facilitating split testing.

3) Develop Targeted Ad for A/B Testing

Use SKAGs to create distinct text ads for each target term inside an ad group. To evaluate different headlines or descriptions, you may use Google Ads’ A/B testing tool.

The “Optimize” ad rotation setting prioritizes delivered adverts based on performance statistics. To successfully conduct an A/B test, you’ll need a well-defined variant and two distinct pieces of ad copy. In the scenario below, the B variant outperformed the A variant (despite far fewer impressions).

4) Use a Google Ads Bid Simulator for Calculations

In PPC adverts, a bid strategy may allow you to pay less for higher-quality clicks. However, both manual and automatic bidding need advertisers to compute acceptable keyword bids for their most valuable keywords. After all, effective marketing takes time!

5) Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages 

PPC campaigns do not end with a single click. While some businesses run PPC campaigns only to increase brand awareness, the ultimate purpose of paying for clicks should be conversions. As a result, your pay-per-click landing pages must be incredibly effective mouse traps. 


SEO is the process of improving your website in order to attain a higher ranking on Google. Now, with effective PPC strategies, you may get the results you desire in no time. However, the process must be studied with marketing professionals so that you can optimize your website and get leads, rather than just squander your budget by making mistakes! 

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