SEO in 2020: What You Need to Know For Success

SEO in 2020: What You Need to Know For Success

SEO in 2020 comes up with new ideas, techniques, and strategies. So you have to keep up to date with the ones that will enable you to succeed. In the field of SEO, things are continually changing. Advancement methods that worked years prior to fall by the wayside.

SEO is basically a part of Digital Marketing. So if you have any plan for Digital marketing, you must have to learn SEO

There are various procedures that one must use to be fruitful in the ever-expanding serious scene in SEO.

Google evaluates your site based on Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness(E-A-T) factor.

The Absolute Basics You Have to Know to Start

There are four basic components of SEO that we have to focus on.

They are:

  • Keywords.

  • Search volumes.

  • Traffic coming from organic search.

  • Conversions of customers searching for our targeted keywords.

The actual techniques involve the followings:

  • On-page optimization.

  • Link building.

  • Content.

  • Technical SEO.

This article is designed to go through in detail with all the basics, in order to give you a solid foundation in SEO trends so you can understand and apply to your own.

Let’s Start.

Selecting the Best Keywords

The principal fundamental part we’re going to talk about keywords and targeting keywords. The issue with keywords, in any case, is that they can get excess, excessively monotonous, and you can come up short on SEO torment focuses on industry-related catchphrases quick.

We should not forget while we will work seo in 2020 the different types of keywords. The goals of these keywords will change depending on how you want to approach your SEO:

  • Money Keywords
  • Head Keywords
  • Short Tail keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Supporting Keywords / keyword synonyms
  • Branded Keywords
  • Phrase Match Keywords
  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Negative Keywords
  • Exact Match Keywords

And many other keyword types. So while we will work with Keywords, We have to keep in mind about the types and have to select on that way. 

High-Quality Content

It is said that “Content is Everything”. In SEO, it has become more and more important day by day. There is nothing that can compare with quality content.

High-quality content helps to improve your site performance. In any case, that takes on various structures relying upon various characteristics of your advertising effort including:

  • Your site’s main industry.
  • What has been done to your site previously?
  • What is being done to your site now?
  • Your industry’s overall competition
  • What your competition is doing?
  • What Google’s algorithm is doing?

There are many industry variations in SEO. We highly suggest taking an open approach to SEO strategies. Never think that once you’ve learned a strategy, you’re done. This is not so easy as you think.

Competitor analysis is a must. When you will find a gap after analysis, you can understand what you need to do to increase those rankings above your competitor.

The things that you have to focus when you will work with your competitor gap analysis includes insights like:

  • Competitor’s rankings.
  • Competition’s content
  • Backlink profiles of your competitors.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO vs. Grey Hat

In SEO, there are different ethics. These ideologies don’t always mesh as well. In fact, they can be frustrating for SEO, because one group believes one thing while another group doesn’t believe that.

White Hat SEO technique follows Google’s ranking guidelines properly. They believe in implementing techniques and processes that will be sustainable for the long-term. This process won’t cause Google to leave a penalty.

Black Hat SEO is not afraid to embrace the latest and greatest in techniques, regardless of how far astray they lead them from Google’s guidelines.

They are masters of a perpetual churn-and-burn machine, often getting great short-term results, but lacking in long-term results.

In Black Hat SEO, people use programs like Scrapebox, SENuke, and XRumer in an attempt to build links in mess, so that these links will, in turn, push their rankings to the #1 spot – until Google catches them and all hell breaks loose.

Then, they just start over with another domain.

Grey Hat is something like a healthy mix of the two. Usually using black hat techniques for research but not execution, and using a white hat approach for real-time results in the long-term. This is likely where most aggressive SEOs fall.

There’s nothing legally, morally, or inherently wrong with this, but if you want to stay on Google’s good side, you will want to choose a white hat or grey hat SEO.

So If you want to do SEO in 2020 for your site, keep the thing in mind.  

Perform Industry Research

Doing industry research is a must if you are not familiar with your client industry.

Your primary source for such industry information will be your client. This is when you will perform some sort of discovery and ask questions to determine any industry specifics that you should be aware of while doing SEO.

The next part will be to find out the SEO elements that your competition is using to increase their SERP performance. It will give you a detailed idea of what you have to do.

If you want to improve rankings and organic traffic, then the competitor analysis is a core component to do.

Then you have to do a site analysis. This will help you uncover what has been done to the site previously, and what is being done to the site now.

It is imperative that you obtain this information because one wrong step can cause you major issues in your SEO campaign later.

Sometimes you are lucky to be on a team that already has this information, then you can simply ask your team’s manager about the information.

Analysis Of Your Competition’s Link Profiles

This can provide you a valuable insight to figure out where you should focus on when building links for your website.

If you don’t do a link analysis, you can’t know what is your competitors doing. Remember, search is not a simple correlation, correlation is not causation. Just because you added one thing doesn’t mean that that one thing caused said improvement.

On-page SEO

This is obviously the best practice to perform the On Page SEO perfectly. If you can do that, it will be easy to get rank and organic traffic. On Page SEO is an engine and Off Page SEO is fuel. If your engine doesn’t keep up to date, it will not give you any result if you give a lot of fuel to it. I hope you understand what I mean.

On-page optimization includes the following:

  • Optimizing the page to deliver unique value.
  • Optimization for phenomenal user experience (UX).
  • Laser-targeted keyword targeting.
  • Can easily be shared through social networks.
  • Optimizing for authorship, metadata, schema, and rich snippets.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is focused on the crawling and indexing of your site. This is where you can tilt the odds heavily in your favor by making sure your site is properly optimized for crawlers.

This is not a work of content or links, it is highly technical in its implementation.

Technical SEO in 2020 includes the followings:

  • Configuration of robots.txt.

  • Optimization of the website’s architecture.

  • URL structure optimization.

  • Structured Data implementation.

  • Canonicalization of urls.

  • Error page set up and correction.

  • Server analysis.

  • SSL implementation for a secure website.

  • Page speed metrics

  • Mobile-friendliness.

  • Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

  • Optimization of code

  • International multilingual implementations if possible.

  • Pagination.

  • Internal links.

  • Link Profile analysis.

E-A-T in 2020

Google’s core algorithm update of August 2018 had made a disaster for many people. People started scrambling to understand what had destroyed their site so readily in the SERPs. It was believed that the update targeted mostly medical sites.

But later, people came to know that it targeted YMYL (your money or your life) type sites as categorized in Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines.

In fact, that was one of the first updates by Google where no SEO could figure out what was actually happened within the first 60 days.

Why E-A-T Is Important for 2020

This update was a turning point in Google Algorithms because of that specifically targeted sites for long-term authority and trust. For that reason, authority and trust are obviously big deals.

As yourself that How do you build authority and trust? By answering the user’s query thoroughly, and mind-mapping your content to achieve this ultimate goal.

In 2020, if you want to build your own site and make sure that they are SEO friendly, long-term sustainable SEO is even more of consideration now.

So SEO in 2020 covers these characteristics so when you will work with SEO, don’t forget to keep these things in mind. Enjoy SEO! Good Luck. If you have any queries, Don’t forget to comment, and also you can contact us through email.



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