8 Ways to Improve Your Conversion-Focused Web Design

8 Ways to Improve Your Conversion-Focused Web Design

Every retail and e-commerce website has a similar goal; to make a sale. While many external marketing tools like Google ads services or SEO agencies help drive conversions, there’s a lot you can do by just working on your website.

Here are ways to improve your conversion-focused web design to boost sales.

Improve Website Speed

No one wants a slow website, like how customers don’t enjoy waiting in lines in physical stores. Excellent website speed directly affects your conversions because having a slow loading time may result in 75 percent abandoned carts. It’s better to invest in tools to improve your website’s speed even in the early stages of launching your website.

Use a Relevant Web Design Theme

Another factor that directly affects conversion is web design. Your customer spends a good portion of their time unconsciously going through your website’s design and interface. A crucial tip is to use a relevant web design theme to grab their attention. 

It’s always good to have an updated web design that fits your branding. Sometimes you can opt for ready-made themes, but working with a custom site designer can also be a good investment.

Have Efficient Web Design Principles

When designing your site, it’s essential to follow design principles, persuading customers to check out their shopping cart. It includes using negative space efficiently and a well-balanced web design and omitting excessive floating widgets and other unnecessary graphics.

Improve User Interface

Another part of web design directly related to conversion is having a functional website. Always make sure that all buttons and page links are working. You can even improve user processes by lessening steps for customers when browsing and checking out their items.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

Apart from web design, it’s also important to include one clear call-to-action on each page, followed by a link or a button they can use to perform the action. Keep in mind to minimize your CTAs to only one because overloading your potential customer with too many of them might drive them away.

Prioritize Customer Service

Online retail and e-commerce will always get many inquiries from order processes, inventory inquiries, payment systems, and so on. It’s crucial to prioritize customer service because it can directly convert a prospect into a buying customer.

Ask for Feedback and Reviews

In the modern world, where online scams are rampant, it’s essential to showcase your credibility as an online store. Always provide a link where potential customers can view feedback and reviews from fellow buyers. You can even opt to include it on your landing page, so it’s one of the first things your audience will see when they visit your site.

Check Every Design Detail

Sometimes, even the most minute details can make a difference. It goes for web design and functionality. Test your website because maybe an anchored link isn’t working, it leads to a broken page, or a payment method isn’t pushing through.

As for web design, it’s proven that some design tweaks can make an impact, like changing up the colour of a button or choosing a round button over a square one. Check every detail because they matter.

Be a First-Timer on Your Website

All these tips in web design can help convert a simple audience browsing your website into a customer checking out their cart. However, the most important tip is to be a first-timer on your website. It’s the simplest yet most challenging advice. Always go through your website like you’re checking it out for the first time to get a full grasp of your customer’s experience.

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