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Calgary Website Design

Your website reflects your company/business image and nobody knows that better than you. When we design a website, we follow your vision to develop smooth branding all across the web for your business. From the office to social media and everything in between, your website will reflect your vision.

Whether you have a simple design in mind or fully customized functionality and CRM Systems, there is no limitations to what we can program, design and create. Our Calgary website design team has worked on several types of websites ranging from B2B, B2C and specializing in e-commerce website design. 

Our company is unlike any other website designer in Calgary, we dont believe in the standard cookie cutter approach that many Calgary marketing agencies use. Your website should be more than just a business card website, it should be marketplace and an automated lead generation machine that can be used to accelerate your businesses growth.

Distinctive Marketing Solutions helps companies grow by designing powerful websites that are built to succeed in the competitive Calgary digital marketplace.

Get Your Website Designed?

    What Does Our Website Design Process Look Like

    Key Needs Discovery and Brainstorming

    Our Calgary web design services begin with understanding both your business and your vision. A representative from our team will sit down with you to understand where you are looking to take your business and how we can help you get closer to your goals. We will discuss everything ranging from your branding, competitors and unique selling propositions. By taking the time to get to know your business our website designers are confident that we can bring your vision to life.

    Mock Up and Design Approval

    After you meet with one of our team members we immediately begin working on your website. Our Calgary SEO expert will being keyword research while our designers begin sketching up a wireframe for you to review. This wireframe will serve as a guideline for developing your website and for the future to ensure that branding standards are maintained. During this stage we will create two mockups, a sketch and then a PDF file. You will have the option to review and make changes to any of the mockups.

    Let’s Get Started

    Design Implementation

    Now its time to kick into high gear and begin designing your website on a staging site. Our team will begin pushing the wireframes we discussed online on our private server, all our team members ranging from our SEO expert, graphic designer and web designer will work closely to ensure no detail is overlooked on your website. During this period we will go over the website details with you to ensure that nothing is overlooked and that your website is ready to start bringing you in valuable leads.

    Why Does Your Website Design Matter?

    Getting traffic to you website is important, However, what’s more important is to make sure the user’s interference and experience is smooth, designed to convert and constantly optimized. Whatever the customer is looking for, your website must deliver the answer and make them choose your business above all else.

    A successful website should know how to answer a question and make the experience in getting that information smooth and simple. Additionally a website should prompt a call to action (call, email, get directions) at the most optimal time when customers are engaged.

    Our e-commerce website design all have one thing in common, they are all incredibly high converting websites built to convert. Though our past experiences from being a leading SEO agency we build all our clients websites with a focus on UI/UX.

    Market Research

    Learn what customers are searching for, and provide the answers they are seeking across the web.

    Heat Maps

    Understand which pages your customers spend the most time browsing and how much time is spent on each page and post!

    A/B Testing

    Running split tests to see which strategies work best for your business to increase conversions.

    Increase Conversions

    Its time to take all the research that we have gathered and implement it in order to raise your conversions

    What Can Your Website Do For You

    A website is a tool that is often under utilized from many business including marketing agencies, your website can be incredibly powerful by bringing in sales 24/7. In order for your website to bring in leads that are valuable to your business you first need to build a website that can be a resource for your clientele and that checks all the boxes with Google in order to rank.

    Our team of Calgary website designers will go above and beyond when you choose to work with us, we will design your website based off our previous designs which succeeded, our SEO expert will perform keyword research and work alongside our copy writer to ensure your website copy is written to convert. We dont stop here but will continue to monitor your website to make changes based on how users interact with your website.

    I Want To Make Money

    Custom Booking Systems

    Integrated or custom booking systems right from your site. Interference that can sync with your calendar, booking systems or custom system.

    E-Commerce Platforms

    E-Com Stores from single product, course or 100,000+ products, all optimized and google shopping integrated

    Complete CRM’s

    Customer Relationship Management, from chat bots and booking system to custom interactive software designed with your imagination.

    Mobile Optimized

    Website design optimized for use across all different mobile phone sizes, tablets and all devices.

    Built For Users

    Websites build for a smooth user experience and interference. Designed to look beautiful, but most importantly to convert traffic to business.

    Rank #1 On Google

    Website designed and optimized to rank smoothly on Google and all other search engines.


    We are a full service marketing agency driven to help your business unlock its unlimited potential.



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